Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~ Our Regular Customer ~

When we ceased our bicycle rental operations in East Coast Park during end 2006, our regular customers have been given us very good support at our current premises.

Athough business has not been that "bright" since then perhaps due to the location at Pasir Ris, BUT seeing family having fun together, enjoying their ride on our bikes do give us a great sense of satisfaction too.

~ Supporting Community Event ~

On Sunday, 31 Aug, the PAP Community Foundation organised a ‘PAP carnival’ at West Coast Park. This was reported by the Straits Times on its front page, with a big picture of our Prime Minister Lee on a bicycle.

RENT-A-BIKE Kiosk is proud to be the chosen bicycle rental vendor to support this community event by providing the rental of 30 x VIP bicycles and helmets on that day.

The picture here is the "VIP type" bike that we provided for rental on the event day :

AND we are happy to see the picture of our Prime Minister on the Front Page of the Straits Time, enjoying the ride on the bicycle in the park.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Round Island - Night Cycling Event


Also Supports

~ The Round Island Night Cycling Event ~

30 AUG 2008


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Fun At RENT-A-BIKE

A Happy Family Day at Our Kiosk

Family Fun .... ...... there's a bike for every age ....

When not cycling .... Kids are having fun too .....

....... weather is no stopping factor .....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Friends From France - 28 Jun 08

L'île Ronde de cyclisme

The Handsome quatre

Scenary Around Singapore

(Décor autour de Singapour)

Dieu vous bénisse
(God Bless You)
Vous voir bientôt
(See U Again Soon)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Friends from Vietnam - 24 Jun 08

English Summer Camp 2008
thần giáng phúc bạn
God Bless You
giữ lại trở về
Keep Coming Back

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Kiosk

Welcome to
RENT - A - BIKE Kiosk

Our Services

Our Products ~ Bikes and In-Line Skates

Ample "FREE" Parking Space and Open Space

Monday, June 9, 2008

Rental Rates

For Every 1Hr rental
~ Free 1 Hr Extra

Mountain Bike

~ Children Size : $4.00 per hour

~ Adult, Normal : $5.00 per hour (With Baby Seat + $1.00)

~ Adult, Full Suspension : $6.00 per hour

~ Adult, VIP Type (New) : $8.00 per hour

Children's Bicylce : $3.00 per hour

Tandem Bicycle : $8.00 per hour
(With Baby Seat + $1.00)

(Event Package is available !!)




"You have fun while We take care of the rest"
Meeting Your Expectation
Working Within Your Budget
Hassle – Free
Fun – Filled
Safety – Conscience

We specialized in organising outdoor family day, day/night cycling events. You have fun with your love ones, family and friends while we take care of the rest ...... We want to have you "Keep Coming Back" !!

Brief History of Our Kiosk

We have been operating bicycle rental business at East Coast Parkway for more than 20 years before shifting to our present premises at PASIR RIS GREEN, CARPARK C PASIR RIS PARK. Our kiosk was previously known as "WIMBLEDON BICYCLE RENTAL" located at Singapore Tennis Centre.

Over the years, bicycle / In-line skates rental business at East Coast Parkway has been extremley competitive. At our kiosk in PASIR RIS PARK, we offer you some alternatives.

New bikes

Ample Free parking space

Serene enviornment

Huge open space


Very competitive rates
(1hr rental - Free extra 1hr)

In our business operation, we adhere to our core value when dealing with our customer in our business operation - “Personalise Service – Attention to details”.

Over the years of operation at East Coast Parkway, with this core value, we have established a huge pool of regular customers patronising us now at our new kiosk.